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Adidas US Predator Powerswerve AG

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about Adidas US Predator Powerswerve AG

Soccer shoes usa  is with the toe of the center of gravity which can change the trajectory of moving around, thus increasing the intensity of shot. Super pulse through technology, players can experience a sense of the history of the most powerful falcon boots. Additional soccer shop usa also makes this shoe the same time in both the sense of power has never been comfortable.Adidas Predator Powerswerve technology, is the power of the front area, specially designed elements make each shot the Falcons have become more powerful. Meanwhile,soccer store, the rotation of the side of each district to continue to provide foot pass and shot nearly 10 years, the best rotation and more accurate ball.Hi-tech bubble, the new Falcon Falcon technology in intelligent foam ball by increasing the time to provide a more excellent elastic, more threatening and more accurate rotation controlled.