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Nike US V Shoes increase their Nike5 Elastico collection, and let us tell you they are awesome! Can you believe it? We are here to sell something awesome! (Ironically, Italy, we are always full of awesomeness!) Of youth soccer shoes is early in the new colors this year, and soccer store usa is definitely a customer favorite! UPPER: The Nike5 Elastico outcome statement here! It has a comprehensive, coordinated and kanga - Lite touch of leather and quality control. In the above combination of enhanced point kanga - Lite can make a smooth tacky touch or touch, depending on where you touch the ball. In this way, you have complete control over. In the end: molded Ortholi technology in insole provides additional cushioning and increased full-length comfort. Outsole: Outsole with a low profile court traction technology. You not only have great traction, but the quality control in the foot of the toe, heel and foot. 2011 year ,the newest style soccer shoes for sale also is your good choice.