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Adidas Originals NMD R1 Runner Boost

One of the most comfortable Adidas Originals NMD R1 Runner Boost I have ever worn and the synthetic mid-section allows the shoe to hold it form over long use. Fantastic close feel for the ball while providing some cushion.

Exactly as expected. The cleats aren't that light by themself but the awesome fit gives it a feeling of a pair of socks. The touch on the ball is great.
Looks exactly like the pictures,NMD shoes outlet I have narrow feet and after lacing them properly I feel great but doesn't seems to be having problems on wide feet if you tie the laces properly.

I am a woman with a size 10 narrow foot. It's about a 3-4 A depending upon the cheap nmd shoes. These men's 8 1/2 fit me like they were made for me. Stupendous fit in the heel, toe box and ankle. I do not play soccer but do play in a women's over 50 field hockey league. These are the most comfortable and grippy field shoes I've ever played in.

As weather permits, I go to an outdoor yoga practice which focuses on long holds of postures (3-5 minutes). I have a terrible time sliding on the grass in long holds. I did a class tonight and for the first time ever had enough grip with my feet to avoid shifting and sliding in pose nmd shoes store.

I am thrilled to have these adidas nmd r1 boost because they not only fit amazingly well but perform as I need them to. I am stunned that these fit men as they are extremely narrow. I assume it is like rock climbing where shoes are worn close fitting. Regardless, I'll treasure these.